Starting Sept. 14th the program will be offered Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 3:30pm , at $25 a day per student. You will be given the option to select one or multiple days a week for your child, we just ask that you register your student a month in advance so we can staff each day accordingly.  Also, your registration covers 8:30 -3:30 but students are not required to stay the entire time.


This Program is available for students Kinder through 8th grade.


This program will be offered until schools resume meeting in their physical spaces. We will follow the East Valley School District Calendar, this means when students are off due to holidays or teacher inservice days, we will be off as well. Secondly, we will be mirroring our daily schedule to match East Valley School Districts daily learning schedule. Morning hours will be focused on online zoom meetings. The afternoon leaves more time for independent work and activity when students finish their daily tasks. This program will be led out by our Heights Church Student Support staff. This program is strictly to be used in support and is not a substitute for formal education. Children will be required to follow the schedule laid out by their public education teacher while being assisted by the Student Support Program. We will also be incorporating some elements of P.E, art, social time and others.


Students will be asked to bring their chromebook or laptop, headphones, a book or two, and daily schedule from their teacher. They also need to bring their own nut free snacks and lunch.  We will provide activities for students when they finish early but they are also able to bring things that will keep them engaged as well while the rest of the group is on zoom calls.


This program is available to all children to the extent that it is reasonably able to provide for. Parents have an obligation to disclose any medical, physical or behavioral issues in writing at the time of enrollment and on an on-going basis.

Due to the size of our program and limited staff, we are unable to provide one-on-one care for any child except in intermittent cases such as an injury, immediate discipline and/or some tutoring with provided schoolwork.

*The student support program needs a minimum amount of students enrolled each day in order to make budget. If we do not receive adequate enrollment we will not be able to provide this service and we will notify you in advance if that occurs.

Student Support Registration

Please register your student below. One registration per student required.


As a parent of a child/children enrolled in the Student Support Program, I understand my responsibility and willingly agree to the expectations outlined below: Registration tuition shall be paid for one month per student in advance in order to staff accordingly. There are no refunds for unexpected absences for preregistered days. We need two weeks notice to refund any pre-registered days. This program will be offered in conjunction with the current limitations placed on the school districts due to COVID-19 until schools resume meeting in their physical spaces. The service will be available to K-8th grade families. I understand that in the event of an emergency, the church and its employees and agents will call emergency services and contact me as soon as possible. I give consent to any licensed physician to administer drugs or medicine or to perform such medical procedures as that physician determines necessary for the relief of pain and to preserve my child’s life or health. I understand that I am responsible for all medical transportation, rescue and other related expenses incurred on behalf of my child. Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Our staff may request information from you and other authorized parties to verify identity and ensure the safe pick up /delivery of your child. As parent/guardian of your student, we expect you to relay our policies to others who may interact with our staff on behalf of your child (daycare providers, relatives, etc.) I release and agree to hold harmless, defend and indemnify, Heights Foursquare Church and its directors, officers, employees and agents from and against any and all claims for personal injury (including loss of life) and all other losses or damages (except those caused entirely by the gross negligence or intentional conduct of the Student Support Program) that the child or the parent may suffer as a result of the child’s participation and/or enrollment in this program. I understand that all disputes related to this Agreement or enrollment at Student Support Programs shall be resolved by binding arbitration. The parties may agree to mediate prior to arbitration in accordance with the following terms. Mediation and arbitration shall be before a mutually acceptable person who is a practicing attorney with a minimum of ten years experience or a retired judge. In the event that the parties cannot agree on such person, each shall appoint a qualified person and the two shall agree on a third qualified person to be the sole mediator or arbitrator. The arbitrator need not be the same person as the mediator. The parties hereby incorporate, and the arbitration shall follow, the procedures of Chapter 7.04 RCW. Additionally, the arbitrator shall have the authority to order such discovery, by way of deposition, interrogatories, document production, or otherwise, as the arbitrator considers necessary to full and fair exploration of the issues in dispute, consistent with the expedited nature of arbitration. The laws of the State of Washington shall govern. The parties shall evenly split the costs of both mediation and arbitration.

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