Be devoted to one another. Honor one another above yourselves.

Saturday Sisters exist to create a space for women to be known and loved by building intentional friendships

As women, we need one another. All too often, we can find ourselves feeling lonely, isolated, comparing ourselves to the other women around us. We silently judge ourselves and think every other woman in the room has it figured out and is acing life in all areas! Let's remind one another that we are all human. We struggle, we hurt, we lose, we grieve, we carry wounds, and we all pretend some days.
We want to remind you that you win wildly, carry joy, laugh loudly and you don't have to pretend! Anything you say, we can repeat back, "Me, too!"

Romans 12:10

More to come in 2023

We are excited for all that 2023 is going to bring to each one of you.
We will be continuing to meet for Saturday Sisters once a month.
We'll be bringing the fun that makes us laugh til our sides hurt.
And we'll be giving space and opportunity for our hearts to worship and lean into the Holy Spirit.
We'll get creative and use the artsy side of our brains.
And we'll spend time - enjoying God's incredible creation together!
Let's continue to lean into growing intentional friendships with one another!

May 13 - Paint Party
June 17 - Movie Night
July 29 - Pool Party
August 19 - Picnic
September 23 -BUNKO
October 21 - WORSHIP NIGHT
December 2 - Christmas Craft Event

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