Are you a high schooler looking towards the future?  
Maybe moving away isn't a real option for you right now, so continued ed doesn't feel like a real possibility. Or perhaps you're an adult who wants to go back to school or finish up that partial degree you started years ago.  

Heights University is an exceptional opportunity for YOU!

With lower than average attendance costs (ie TUITION!) and the

ability to stay local, more and more students are
showing interest in these kinds of programs.

Heights University is partnering with Northwest University in Kirkland, WA
 to provide  a way for you to get your AA, BA and even a few MA degrees.
You will be part of a small local cohort of students here at Heights,
who are all pursuing their own educational track.

In addition to the education, there is an internship component
which focuses on leadership development and serving  in the local church.

Interested in learning more?

A look at what the
Northwest Partnership Program is.